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  • Ultrasonic Pest Repeller EPR-1033
Ultrasonic Pest Repeller EPR-1033

Ultrasonic Pest Repeller EPR-1033

  • Product description: Ultrasonic Pest Repeller EPR-1033 ,Electronic Pest Repeller - Effectively get ride of all pests including the mosquitoes ,spiders ,mice, rats.Pest Repeller Manufacturer -Kaili Electronic Factory

Ultrasonic Pest  Repeller EPR-1033

Electronic Ultrasonic Pest Insect Mosquito Repeller


1. Containing 2 ultrasonic chips. with the highest frequency range in  the market from 20-65KHZ
2. One notify light, simulating the rhythm of human breath.
3. Effective usage are per unit up to 150 square meters each single room .
4. Effectively get ride of all pests including the mosquitoes ,spiders ,mice, rats.
5. No harm to humans &pets, odorless, Environmentally friendly .
6. Low power consumption, no effect to other household appliances.
Where To Use ?
Bedroom       Suppermarket      Office
Livingroom    Kitchen                  Hotel
Works same as well in other place:
Warehouse      Hospital
Restaurant       Garage Store

1. Installed at 20-40cm above the floor vertically is suggested .
2. To keep the best condition and work most effectively , installed away from any
acoustic materials such as carpet , curtain is required .
3. It's normal to see more pest actions on the initial days ,as the repeller is working on
and repelling all pests to move away from their original living places.
4. More than one unit are required when used in some complicated and big places likes
warehouse ,garage with lots of items, house with a few rooms .
1. Adapted to AC power (voltage range :AC 90-250V ,frequency:20-65Hz )
2. Best environmental temperature range :0-40 Celsius degree .
3. Keep dry from contact with water.
4.  Always clean it with soft and dry cloths adding some neutral detergent, instead of any
strong acid or alkali ones .
5. Avoid crashing down upon hard ground from the high .


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